X-Ray Action Set

by beto in Add-Ons / Actions

  • Compatible Apps:
  • Photoshop
  • Photoshop Elements


The First and Only, THE ORIGINAL!

X-Ray Action Set, the first and only Photoshop action that gives your photographs a faux X-Ray vision effect.


  • The first and only X-Ray Photoshop action.
  • 2 versions.
  • The result is completely editable.
  • For best results, use images with light background.
  • Works with Photoshop in any language.
  • Built and optimized to have the fewest steps possible, making the actions run fast!
  • Works in Photoshop Elements!!
  • Includes a bonus free sharpening action.
  • Includes 3 bonus free noise actions.

*IMPORTANT: Do not use to diagnose injuries. This are not real X-rays. The only way to see people's bones is using a real X-ray machine. This is just a color illusion to make your images look nice.



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