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Is there some rule for designers like "Don't design bright patterns after Labor Day?" If so, I'm definitely breaking it. But down here in Texas, it's still in the 70's in November, so I'm unapologetically releasing this super fun set of collaged artistic patterns!

These patterns are unique and exciting, perfect for a bold statement in your branding, packaging, or web design. The unique blend of patterns and textures creates a really bold and trendy effect to make your designs stand out. And hey, if you're not feeling the bright colors or need to change them to match your project, you can do so in Illustrator.

Included is:

  • 12 Artistic Backgrounds. These are vectors, split up into 6 different Illustrator files. They are also provided as 3600x3600 JPG files, which will print high-res at up to 12x12 inches. These are not seamless.
  • 12 Coordinating Patterns These are more basic patterns that co-oordinate with and support the main patterns. They are provided as an AI file with pattern swatches, plus 3600x3600 JPGs and PNGs. They are seamless!
  • 4 Bonus Patterns Some colorful terrazzo and watercolor patterns as extra goodies! AI, JPG, and PNG, 3600x3600

Enjoy! Please let me know if you have any questions, before or after purchase, and I'll be happy to help! Files are Illustrator CC, but if you purchase them and need a Legacy version please contact me and I'll provide that for you. Happy creating!

Anugraha Design

Anugraha Design

Hello! I'm Cina, a graphic designer for Anugraha Design and a passionate pattern-maker! Thanks for stopping by my shop.