Triangle Patterns + Text Lockups

by Anugraha Design in Graphics / Patterns

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Thanks for checking out my latest pattern bundle, an awesome collection of triangle patterns with beautiful trendy color palettes, and 10 text lockups using those patterns as a background (similar to the cover image of this product!)

The first part of this bundle is the triangle patterns, which includes:

  • AI file with the original vector artwork, 26 pattern swatches and 26 color groups. Color groups are global colors for easy editing
  • EPS file for other vector editing software
  • Each pattern has a unique random arrangement of colors! If you like one arrangement better than another, easily change the colors of the pattern.
  • 26 (Seamless!) 5000x5000 JPG files
  • 26 (Seamless!) 5000x5000 PNG files

The idea for the second part of this package actually came to me as I was making the screenshot for this pattern bundle. I was arranging the triangles to overlap the text, and as it started coming together, I thought, "Text lockups like this would be a great addition to this download." So, included with these patterns are:

  • 10 text lockups, featuring bold text, attractively overlapped by the triangle pattern.
  • 3 square, 3 vertical (letter size), 3 horizontal (letter size), and 1 banner sized lockup.
  • EPS and AI format, so you can both edit the text and scale up as much as you want.
  • Free font is used (Montserrat Bold), download link is included. You can use these text arrangements as-is, or edit the text to meet your needs! Check out the last screenshot for preview images of all 10 lock-ups. This is a great and unique addition to a pattern bundle that will really set your design over the edge! Try it today.

    If you have any additional questions or need any support for this product, please message me! Thanks for viewing!

Anugraha Design

Anugraha Design

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