Vegetables Watercolor

by Anna in Graphics / Illustrations

  • Compatible Apps:
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator


Vegetables set drawn watercolor blots and stains with a radishes, onions, potatoes, champignon, spray corn, broccoli, chili, eggplant, spray cabbage, carrot, tomato, peas, spray pumpkin, beet, pepper, cucumber, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, asparagus, olives, rotkappe, artichokes, black olives, leek, spring onion. Font is separated from the vegetables. PNG files without the text and background on invisible backround.

Text is outlined and not editable by writing letters on the keyboard.

What’s inside?

  • 5 *.Eps files
  • 5 *.Psd files
  • 5 *.JPG files
  • 36 *.Png files

Files .Eps and .Psd are layered.