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Are you looking to move up in your career? Let me share this with you: be bold, be different, but stay yourself. I managed to get out of the crowd because I created a beautiful CV for myself, but not a traditional one: I made it landscape. It is not a big deal, but it does create a unique and strong sense of differentiation. Why did I do that?

Most employers read resumes on the screen, so why not adapt to the screen view? Also, you have a very easy way to let the eye naturally draw from your introduction to your hobbies, without missing the most important parts: skills and experience.

This CV has been created in Microsoft Word and is fully editable. It has a clear, modern yet minimal style. Add your feminine touch by colouring the icons background, or colouring the page background.

I would recommend colouring the page background for a screen view only, and use light nude or pastel colours. For print, you are better off leaving the background white but bold your intro and the icons in a cute colour of your choice.

I am using only fonts available with Word, no hassle of installing anything!

  • Century Gothic
  • Baskerville Let me know in case you do no have these but you should :)

The file includes 2 Microsoft Word templates:

  • One with a white background and coloured icons
  • One with a coloured background and black icons

That is it! (no, nothing else needed. Really) let's keep it simple, shall we?

Please contact me if any questions.


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