Winter Owl Watercolor for Christmas

by Watercolor Nomads in Graphics / Illustrations

  • Compatible Apps:
  • Photoshop


Winter Owl is a non-traditional quirky Christmas graphics collection. Grey and mustard nuances translate the cold but soft weather of the starting season.

Our main hero here is a fluffy Owl wrapped in a huge scarf. He's an awesome dude!

A great set for paper and textile design!

Here's a list of what is inside the collection:

  • 4 owls
  • 8 branches & leaves
  • 4 snow flakes
  • 1 scarf banner
  • 2 scarf nest banners
  • 1 nest
  • 1 pair of owl footprints :-)
  • 8 line drawings of Christmas tree ornaments
  • 11 pattern Christmas ornaments
  • 4 pattern clouds
  • 12 pattern pine trees
  • 4 laurels
  • 6 wreaths

  • 10 seamless patterns:
    • 3600px x 3600px (not seamless) JPG files
    • 10 master tiles - seamless JPG files
    • PAT file for Photoshop with all seamless patterns


Watercolor Nomads

Watercolor Nomads

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