Vintage Voyage Typefaces Collection

This is essentially 4 my products being released together

18 Fonts, 6 Premium Lettering Templates

This Collection was created with careful consideration for usability and versatility. I wanted to create multiple type families that could work together seamlessly. This collection refers us to the end of 19 or the very beginning of the 20th century when all typefaces was created by hand, every sign and ad.

So what does the VV Typeface Collection Include?

  • Harbour - A blackletter typeface. (Regular, Decorated, Roughen and Lined)
  • Cavalcade - A vintage sans serif. (Regular, Roughen, Lined, Outline, Shadow, Inline, Inline lined)
  • The New America - A vintage calligraphic script with Flourish Decor extras. (Regular, Lined)
  • Aviator - A sans serif typeface (only three inscriptions) (Regular, Bold, Inline)

All typefaces include Western Characters and come in OTF / TTF format.

Lettering Composition Templates - For Adobe Illustrator Only

6 Logo Templates as well. This is great for understanding how the typefaces were intended to be used with each other.

(CC / CS / EPS - Illustrator Only)

Thank You!

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