6 ANIMATED Hero/Header backgrounds

by Madebyvadim in Graphics / Product Mockups

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6 ANIMATED header/hero video backgrounds. Best for web sites, webpages, promos, presentations, blogs, website templates , etc.

Please watch this short promo to get an idea of what you gonna get - https://vimeo.com/103897345

SUPER, What do I have in this package?

  • 11 ready to use .mp4 video files. (5 video files with iPad, 6 video files without iPad.)
  • 6 Photoshop animated mockups for you to include your own design into animated iPad.
  • 1 After Effects project for those who uses this application, so you could insert your own design or even change animation.
  • 2 Tutorials for Photoshop and for After Effects. (vimeo.com/103896145 and vimeo.com/103896817)
  • BONUS - 6 Photoshop files with objects cut-out, so you could re-arrange products on still images.

GREAT, Why do I need this for?

  • Best for use as an animated header/hero backgrounds videos for website or webpages.
  • Animation for your next web template
  • Promo video backgrounds
  • Animation for presentations or case study
  • Blog web animation
  • Any other usage I may even don't know about :)

AWESOME, How do I use it?

  • Use any of 11 pre-rendered videos as your fullscreen website or promo animation right out of the box.
  • Use 6 Photoshop animated mockups to replace with your own design inside iPad screen.
  • Use After Effects project to insert screenshot into animated iPad or even re-arrange animation as you like
  • Use additional 6 BONUS Photoshop files to create a still image with re-arranged objects. (Note! Cut out was done for the purpose of animation and sometimes rough, so it might be not the best idea to drastically change the position of the objects)
  • See tutorials to learn how to do those changes, if you are not sure how to do so.

So please see this micro promo to get the idea of what is in this product - https://vimeo.com/103897345

Also see this 2 tutorials for Photoshop and After Effects users PS - https://vimeo.com/103896145 AE - https://vimeo.com/103896817



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