Go Outdoors - Nature photo pack v.2

by Madebyvadim in Graphics / Web Elements


Awesome Ultra hi-res 200 nature photographs pack version 2. It took 6 months and 4 countries to produce this collection. Photographs for Switzerland, Georgia, Norway and Scotland.

A second pack of nature photos followed by a highly successful Go Explore pack.

Great to use for:

  • Website headers/hero images;
  • Font presentation;
  • Logotype or insignia promotional materials;
  • Any web design, blog or template placeholders;
  • Background images for webpages, case study or blogs;
  • Articles, posts, app design;
  • Personal or commercial project;
  • Any other promotional or presentational works.

Pictures themes included in the pack:

  • Mountains;
  • Roads;
  • Waterfall;
  • Landscapes;
  • See or ocean view;
  • Boats;
  • Fjords;
  • Forest;
  • Bridges;
  • Gorges;
  • Trees;
  • Reflections; and others in various weather conditions.

Pack contains:

  • 120 horizontal size photos;
  • 64 vertical size photos;
  • 16 various panoramas size photos.


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