• Compatible Apps:
  • Photoshop
  • Photoshop Elements


Huge collection of 87+1 Promotional Mockups.

Great to use for any kind of promo or presentational work, including:

  • logotype promo;
  • font promo;
  • typography promotions;
  • sketches;
  • lettering;
  • insignia;
  • photos;
  • use as hero/header images;
  • watercolour presentation;
  • other promo materials.

Each photo setting have 8 different main objects to choose from , so depending on your design you can use different placement environment.

What you get:

  • 87 high-quality photo mockups;
  • 1 full screen wood texture;
  • all images are300dpi print ready;
  • 8 main "placing objects" to choose from:
    • 3 types of paper (gold,black & white);
    • 2 types of wood (rectangular and round);
    • slate; - empty space for hero/header images;
    • iPad mini black.
  • a lot of cool surround objects;
  • modern vintage theme;
  • girly flower theme;
  • food theme;
  • white theme;
  • moss theme;
  • vintage theme.
  • high quality real photos

Important notes on download:

This collection is HUGE in size and because CM only allows us to upload files no more then 4Gb and this bundle is over 4,58 Gb in total, there is a text file with a LINK to the archive:

  • So purchase and download .txt file from Creative Market, there you will find a text file called "DOWNLOAD LINK.rtf" with link.
  • Download your archive. Voila!

Logos used in example are courtesy of OpusNigrum



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