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  • Photoshop


I present my best, most sophisticated bundle to date, with dozens of goodies to give professional photographic effects to the masses. Actions, Textures, Light Leaks, all hand-crafted (or photographed) by me to enhance your photography.

The vintage look is 'in' at the moment, hop onto the trend and start adding it to your photography. It only takes a click.

So, what do you get?

25 (Best to date) Sophisticated Photoshop Actions:

  • 70's
  • Blue Moon
  • Caramel
  • Charcoal Sharp
  • Clean Vintage
  • Contrast Vintage
  • Dark Vintage
  • Film Grain Light
  • Film Grain Medium
  • Film Grain Strong
  • First Photograph
  • Golden
  • HDR Vintage
  • High Key Light
  • Modern Retro 2
  • Modern Retro
  • Old Classic
  • Old Past
  • Original
  • Red Burst
  • Sundance
  • Sundown
  • Vignette Hard
  • Vignette Medium
  • Vignette Soft

(Check out all the effects on the live preview!)

6 5000px + resolution Vintage textures (none of this digitally created malarkey):

  • Aged Paper
  • Book Cover
  • Cardboard Texture
  • Hand-Made Paper
  • Letter-pressed Paper
  • Vintage Book

10 Light Leaks:

  • Bright Light
  • Dream
  • Light Red Burst
  • Lightning
  • Neon Blue
  • Purple Sun
  • Soft Gradient
  • Sunlight Burst
  • Sunlight Classic
  • Techno

Tom's Top Tips

To use the Light leaks, place them near the edge of your image, setting the blend mode to lighten. Adjust the opacity depending on the brightness of your image.

To use the Vintage Textures, place them over your photograph and set the blending mode to either Overlay, Soft light, or Hard Light (my personal favorite). Adjust the opacity to get different strengths and take creative freedom, combine them with light leaks and Actions to get unique results!

Note : I've also included a set by step guide to installing the actions for those who aren't sure how.



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