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Old, dusty mechanics.

Hello there! The Jungle Photo here!

We are happy to present you a completely new approach to design photography: Expanded Editions! Thanks to it's epic quality and features, by buying this photo, you are buying it's all appearances you would like to get!

You buy one photo, and you get many photos!

After the purchase you will be able to download package of many different versions of the photo: many coloristic editions, different grading techniques (suited respectively for elegant, grungy or vintage projects), including versions with and without analog film grain!

No more need to know how to grade your just bought photo to tune it for your project! Just plug-and-play!

We encourage you to make use of our new exciting product, invented especially to fill your needs: Expanded Editions! Let your designs bloom! Good luck and have fun with those awesome graphics!

  • To check the versions included with this photo simply click "All Files" option on the right titled "File Types", and look at the names of files.

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