Introducing Victoria!

A lowercase, monoline, hand lettered script including initial swashes in place of capital letters. Just type a capital letter at the beginning of a word to get swashes on both sides!

Victoria is is elegant and understated while still managing to be a bit eccentric and always one of a kind, just like her namesake.

What You Get:

  • Victoria Script in both OTF and TTF format
  • Webfonts (WOFF, EOT and WOFF2)
  • Western European Language support including á â ä à å ã æ ç ð ñ œ ß etc... Type your characters below to test it.
Studio Denmark

Studio Denmark

Founding Shop

After spending 8 years in Denmark where I completed grad school, I now live in the UK as a full time artist/designer. I have a passion for texture and hand lettering and enjoy filling my shop with it! I would love to connect with you on Instagram! Link below.