Skin 2.0 - 25 Retouching Actions

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  • Compatible Apps:
  • Photoshop
  • Photoshop Elements


Skin is the worlds most advanced skin retouching actions. These actions let you retouch portraits in a fraction of the time with only a beginners knowledge of Photoshop. You can mattify, airbrush, and heal skin using the same techniques professionals use.


  • 25 Retouching Actions
  • Professional Results with Nondestructive Layers
  • Full 16-Bit and Partial 32-Bit Support with Automatic Bit-Depth Detection
  • Supports ProPhoto RGB
  • Used by Professional Retouchers
  • Featured on Adobe Exchange and Advanced Creation Photoshop Magazine

Photoshop Actions

  1. Select Skin Tones - Automatically select skin tones with face detection.

  2. Mattifier - An easy and safe way to mattify oily skin.

  3. Ultra Mattifier - Use this action for more oily spots.

  4. Skin Airbrushing - After mattifying the skin, use the airbrushing actions to refine the look of skin. This is the same frequency-separation technique used by pro retouchers and it makes skin look smooth while retaining all the skin details.

  5. Skin Airbrushing (Lite) - A more natural-looking variation of the Skin Airbrushing action.

  6. Skin Airbrushing (Sharp) - A stronger variation of the Skin Airbrushing action that also produces sharper skin details.

  7. Skin Blur - For certain demographics, advertising agencies choose to use stronger skin retouching techniques. This action gives the skin a CG-look and retains most skin details.

  8. Plastic Skin - Takes the Skin Blur action a step further with increased smoothness and reduced skin details

  9. Brighten Eyes - Easily brighten eyes and reduce red-eye syndrome. It also retails details in the pupils by preventing clipped highlights/shadows.

  10. Lip Enhancer - Use this action to make the lips look sharper and more vibrant.

  11. Lip Enhancer (Strong) - A stronger variation of the Lip Enhancer action for lips without lipstick.

  12. Teeth Whitener - Reduce yellowness while retaining the natural pearl color of teeth.

  13. Darken Eyelashes & Eyebrows - Easily darken eyelashes and eyebrows without masking.

  14. Freckle Reducer (Light-Brown Freckles Only) - Remove freckles without cloning/healing! This action reduces light-brown freckles (ephelides) and blends them in with the skin.

  15. Redness Reducer - This action is great for reducing skin inflammation and improving skin tones.

  16. Super Sharpen - A custom sharpening algorithm that applies a pixel-sharp sharpening effect that can be faded simply by changing the opacity.

  17. Clipping-Free Contrast - Increase contrast while retaining details in the highlights and shadows.

  18. High-Pass Contrast - This contrast effect is great for increasing clarity in airbrushed skin.

  19. Local Contrast - Use this action to improve edge contrast and photos taken with low-quality lens.

  20. Shadow Contrast - Increase contrast only in the shadows.

  21. Midtone Contrast - Increase contrast only in the midtones.

  22. Highlight Contrast - Increase contrast only in the highlights.

  23. Emphasize Skin Flaws - This action gives your portrait a grungy/dirty look - it find the skin details and emphasizes them without the use of filters.

  24. Diffused Glow - Add a beautiful skin glow that isn't too cheesy. This diffused glow effect looks great because only affects the highlights.

  25. Troubleshooting - Automatically detect and resolve common document issues.


  • The "Select Skin Tones" action is only available in Photoshop CS6 and CC.
  • The Troubleshooting action and automatic error detection is only available in Photoshop CC.
  • The Mattifier, Freckle Reducer, and Emphasize Skin Flaws actions are not available in Photoshop Elements.

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"Played with these immediately after buying them... blown away by how brilliant these actions are! Workflow time saver x100!"

Joseph Edward


"These skin actions are by-far superior than any others out there. I’m a high-end retoucher by-trade and these actions achieve a very natural appearance. I still prefer to retouch manually by splitting the image into high & low frequency (and healing on those two passes) because of the control I have, but when I’m in a hurry, this set is absolutely fantastic!"



"I am in LOVE with these actions!!! I have a skin disorder and these actions improve my skin so much! Thank you for creating such a great product!"

Leslie S


"This is by far the best skin action I've seen! I'm a photographer and was doing a lot of what this collection offers manually. I had a series of skin brushes and literally had to paint away blemishes, etc. on my own. This set has eliminated all of the extra work and I'm so glad I happened upon it! This is an invaluable resource. Thank you so much!"



"Amazing! This is probably one of the most helpful photoshop actions I've ever used. Saves a ton of time, the results are fantastic, and I couldn't be happier with the purchase. Wonderful work!"

Ena D

Compatible With

  • Photoshop CC
  • Photoshop CS3 and newer
  • Photoshop Elements 11 and newer

Product Updates

May 8, 2015 - Version 2.0.1

  • New Photoshop Elements action. Now officially compatible with Photoshop Elements 11 and newer.

February 22, 2015 - Version 2.0

Photoshop CS3 to CC:

  • Ultra Mattifier automatically detects skin color making it easier to use. The previous version has been renamed to "Ultra Mattifier (Manually Select Colors)".
  • Skin Airbrushing, Skin Airbrushing (Lite), Skin Airbrushing (Sharp), and Plastic Skin actions play much faster on 16-bit documents.
  • New Lip Enhancer (Strong) action.
  • New Darken Eyelashes & Eyebrows action.
  • New Super Sharpen action uses a custom sharpening algorithm to create perfect pixel sharpness.
  • 16-bit support for Ultra Mattifier.
  • 32-bit support for Mattifier, Skin Airbrushing, Skin Airbrushing (Lite), Skin Airbrushing (Sharp), and Plastic Skin actions.

Photoshop CC:

  • New Troubleshooting action to detect and resolve common document issues.
  • All actions have error detection built in to resolve common document issues.
  • Automatic bit-depth detection for the Skin Airbrushing, Skin Airbrushing (Lite), and Skin Airbrushing (Sharp) actions.


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