Hand-drawn AI styles & brushes

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  • Illustrator


Hand-drawn styles and brushes for Adobe illustrator

You'll get a library of 20 meticulously hand crafted graphic styles, plus 4 splatter brushes, for Adobe Illustrator cs5 or higher. These fine graphic styles imitate the natural tremor of the hand while drawing. If you were looking for an Illustrator pack that closely resembles the subtle vibration of your hand and the resulting slightly irregular strokes when you draw on actual paper... Well, hopefully this is it!

1 Graphic Style library:

  • 20 hand drawn graphic styles
  • All these graphic styles are 1pt weight black strokes, no fill. Variable width profiles, manually generated and fully editable using the Width tool
  • Easy to change color and weight
  • Neatly organized and named

1 Brush library:

  • 4 splatter brushes
  • Easy to change color and weight
  • Neatly organized and named

1 .eps file, vector graphics:

  • This file contains 20 paths of different lengths. Each path has a different profile applied according to it's length, that you can save via the stroke panel. These variable width profiles match the hand drawn graphic styles you're also receiving
  • Fully editable lumpiness using the Width tool

1 HELP.pdf file:

  • How to install
  • How to use
  • Trick!

Also, here's an useful link on how to install and use Illustrator brushes: https://creativemarket.com/blog/2014/10/29/how-to-install-use-illustrator-brushes

The illustrations shown above (preview images) have been created using brushes and graphic styles from this bundle.

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Font used on the preview images: Aracne by Julia Martinez Diana.



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