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  • Photoshop


RM My Pencils™ 2018 - brushes for Photoshop CS5+ CC+

Qualitative hand-responsible pencil brushes for Photoshop CS5+ CC+ Brilliant choice for any art & design pencil-like sketching with your stylus and your Photoshop.

Both .ABR and .TPL brush format files included.

Why I need this pack?

Pencils.... This is starting point for every creative person. You could have nothing except good pencil and sheet of paper. Also, Pencil should be handy and qualitative. It should help and drive but not hamper you. That's why everybody prefer good qualitive pencil as the base of any idea starting step. We had very poor digital pecils before our tool. They were not even pencils. NOW we had released the best stylus pencils ever! It acts completely like real good pencil allowing to place shades, stroke lines with pleasure during dragging over with all Stylus pressure levels range! You'll love it, because it is always at perfect condition, you do not need to interrupt to sharpen it, and you never could break it and never need buy another one.

In this 2017 pack there are Three packs with Sharp Light and No texture included to let pencils conform any tasks!

Get it now and you could find new horizons to express all your Creativity in art without obstacles you had before!

Roman Melentyev

Roman Melentyev

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Roman Melentyev. is 32 artist who has academic education. Since 1994 year he had been interested with computer graphics technologies parallel with classic art education. Now his job is to power up software with add-ons which will be the base for computer artists and designers.