Blue Glitter Alphabet Clipart PNGs

by Paper Element in Graphics / Objects


This is not a font file! These are separate .PNG clip art files. These are perfect if you don't have the software to use layer styles to cover your fonts in glitter, are unable to or need glitter text in a program that doesn't support such things.

This 118-count cursive cyan blue glitter alphabet set includes uppercase and lowercase letters as well as numbers, punctuation and various symbols including currency signs and alt codes. These were saved as .PNGs with transparent backgrounds at a large size of 7-9 inches+ (2100-2700+ pixels) on the tallest letters; the smallest letters will be roughly half that. All were saved at the same font size so everything is proportional.

These are ready to drag and drop onto your projects right away and come very neatly organized and clearly labeled so that you can immediately find what you're looking for.