500 Gold Foil Layer Styles Photoshop

by Paper Element in Add-Ons / Layer Styles

  • Compatible Apps:
  • Photoshop
  • Photoshop Elements


24K Gold is a fresh collection of tiled one-click layer styles for Photoshop, just waiting to make your text and graphics look better than ever with a single click of your mouse! Each of the 100 unique and original styles is included in gold, blond gold, rose gold, copper and select-your-own-color variations, which means they can be made into millions of potential colors with a couple of clicks!

NOTE: To see the clearest examples when watching the preview video, select the Settings (Gear) icon on the bottom right of the Youtube player after pressing play and select Quality - 720p HD. Lower resolutions will be blurry.

Tired of using the same old styles or just want more variety? Buy now to receive the following:


  • 100 One-click gold foil layer styles in one .asl file - traditional golds in all shades
  • 100 One-click blond gold foil layer styles in one .asl file - less vibrant golds for elegance
  • 100 One-click rose gold foil layer styles in one .asl file - rose gold, the new craze
  • 100 One-click copper foil layer styles in one .asl file - lovely copper tones
  • 100 One-click choose-your-own-color foil layer styles in one .asl file - takes on layer color

24K Gold is designed for use with text and graphics and will look best that way—while the styles are tileable, they were not designed as background.

24K Gold contains Pattern Overlay styles; shadows and bevels shown in examples are not part of the styles so that they will work with any lighting setup.

How to install and use Adobe Photoshop layer styles: https://crmrkt.com/pV5V

Loading styles into Adobe Photoshop Elements may require a different method and instructions than loading them into Adobe Photoshop, depending on which version you have, but you should still be able to use them.

No fonts or mock-ups are included in this package and are for example purposes only.

The file is a rather large, almost-4GB file from Creative Market's download servers. Please ensure you have a stable internet connection before downloading. If the servers are giving you problems after purchasing, please send us a message.