Nature & Floral Illustrator Brushes

by MarkieAnn Creative in Add-Ons / Brushes

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  • Illustrator


20 Nature & Floral Illustrator Brushes

This Illustrator brush pack has got what you need to make designs that cross into an unknown realm of delicate graceful floral wonder. These brushes range from simple and delicate to large and leafy. You need an ultra awesome winter formal poster done last week? It's got the tools you need. Wedding invite you promised your cousin but have been procrastinating for the last 7 months? Gotcha covered.

Some Details:

  • 20 perfectly seamless illustrator brushes
  • 5 Extra support brushes where a simpler brush is needed.
  • Matching vector elements. For when you don't want a stroke.
  • All brushes are perfectly seamless with corners and beginnings and ends. (Woah, detail!)
  • All brushes react to the stroke color.

3 Files in download:

  • .ai Brush Library (Load from brush window as brush library)
  • .pdf Brush Overview (Quickly view brushes and copy/paste if that's what you're in to)
  • .ai Vector Elements (Matching vector elements.)

Requirements: Adobe Illustrator CC. Older versions of illustrator will not work. This brush pack uses new techniques that are only compatible with CC.

MarkieAnn Creative

MarkieAnn Creative

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