Curls Swirls + Squiggles Brushes

by MarkieAnn Creative in Add-Ons / Brushes

  • Compatible Apps:
  • Illustrator


130 Curls, Swirls + Squiggles Illustrator Brushes for CC

Gone are the days where you tirelessly loop and twirl and swirl just to create the most delicate and beautiful hand crafted stationary, letterhead, and invitations. With this brush pack you'll feel like the magic wizard of curls. Bestowing your designs with loops and swoops (and the occasional squiggle of course). Adventures beware, don't leave home without your Enchanted Curly Swirly Squiggle Wand

  • Perfect addition to any design that needs some delicate hand-drawn detail.
  • Plenty of curls, swirls, and squiggles.
  • 130+ perfectly seamless illustrator brushes
  • 50+ curl styles.
  • Left, right, and double ended versions for quick symmetrical designing.
  • Extras! Matching vector elements.
  • All brushes are perfectly seamless with corners and beginnings and ends. (Detail, folks.)
  • All brushes react to the stroke color.

5 Files in download:

  • .ai Brush Library (Load from brush window as brush library)
  • .pdf Brush Overview (Quickly view brushes and copy/paste if that's what you're in to)
  • .ai Vector Elements
  • .jpg preview of product.
  • .jpg quick instructions for how to install. (Please see requirements below.)

Requirements: Adobe Illustrator CC. Older versions of illustrator will not work. This brush pack uses new techniques that are only compatible with CC.

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MarkieAnn Creative

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