• Compatible Apps:
  • Illustrator


Snarl Vector Brushes Messy as sh•t!

Holy cannoli! Your design calls for MESS, it needs CHAOS, it SCREAMS for attention. Well what better way to get that energetic disaster you're looking for than with these messy, aggressive, and bad attitude vector brushes. Add some texture and quickly get the look you're after.

Some quick info:

  • Brushes range in length from longest to shortest. (Use them however you like, but this can help achieve a more realistic look)
  • 30 Unique brush smears so you'll have plenty to choose from.
  • Extras! Matching vector elements.
  • All brushes react to stroke color
  • Compatible with Illustrator CS6 and CC

7 Files in download:

  • .ai CC Brush Library (Load from Brush window inside Illustrator)
  • .ai CS6 Brush Library (Load from Brush window inside Illustrator)
  • .pdf Brush Overview (Quickly view brushes and copy/paste if opened in Illustrator)
  • .ai Page of vector brush smears
  • .jpg Preview of product
  • .jpg Preview of entire brush library
  • .jpg Quick install instructions

Well what are you waiting for? Get busy!

Requirements: Adobe Illustrator CS6 or newer.

MarkieAnn Creative

MarkieAnn Creative

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