• Compatible Apps:
  • Illustrator


Quick Texture Brushes Made for Illustrator

Delicately made and selected so you get quick, dirty, simple, fast results. You're designing at the speed of light you don't have time to wait and sift through your library of vector textures to try and piece together something with the perfect size, placement, and consistency. Solve that problem with a collection of Illustrator splatter brushes ranging from the subtle and barely there to thick harsh texture.

  • 50 splatter brushes created in and for Illustrator.
  • All brushes are created from real life textures carefully selected and processed for this set.
  • Brushes react to selected stroke color.
  • Brushes are set to accept pressure sensitivity (if using tablet.)
  • Comes with instructions of how to load brushes.

Requirements: Adobe Illustrator CS6 or newer.

MarkieAnn Creative

MarkieAnn Creative

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I’m a graphic designer working in Utah. I spend more time designing than I do doting on my two cats, and that’s saying something.