150 Handcrafted Watercolor Brushes

by Creative Supplies Co. in Add-Ons / Brushes

  • Compatible Apps:
  • Photoshop


I'm happy to present my new bundle of handcrafted watercolor brushes! :)

To create these brushes we used:

  • Watercolor paper (to make brushes more realistic and add some realistic-looking textures)

  • Plain paper (to highlight structure of watercolors)

  • 2 palette of watercolor paints

  • About 5 different brushes

  • Canon PIXMA MG2440

  • Adobe Photoshop CC

  • 2 cups of coffee :)

All brushstrokes were drawn by hand and scanned in tiff. format (4960x7015 px; 600 dpi; each original file about 100 mb.). We did not change the brightness and contrast of scans to leave you more editing possibilities. These brushes can be used for your illustrations, posters, artworks, digital painting etc. Brush size in photoshop is about 1700-2000+ px, but for the best picture quality I recommend you to use brushes in 300-1200 px size.

Brushes have been tested with Photoshop CC version. Size of abr. file is 172 mb.

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