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I have continued in making of brushes. Here are the newest brushes for Adobe Illustrator!

I love ink pretty much, so I draw with it very often. Sometimes I use my drawings, vectorize it and have fun in illustrator. BUT! Very often I recognize, that it´s not what i am looking for.

For many illustrators and designers it´s more simple work in Adobe Illustrator or with vectors, but usually graphics looks too clean. I made these brushes for everyone, that was looking for something more hand-drawn.

Are you lover of vintage-looking sunbursts? Now you can make OWN great looking sunburst in a few seconds!!! It´s very very easy and very very hand-drawn!

I made 120 hand-crafted brushes with different kinds of lines - thin or bold. Do you like inker vintage illustrations? My brushes are the best for that style!

This contains: AI file named InkAgeByGuerillacraftCSV is for CS4 and CS5 version AI file named InkAgeByGuerillacraft is for CS6 and CC

As the bonus, i created 6 free vector sunbursts ready-to-use!

Look at examples of brushes in detail. They are looking great, arent?



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