Hand-drawn frames and dividers

by Guerillacraft in Graphics / Illustrations

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  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop


Few days spent with drawing and this is result!

I made that special frames&dividers&forest elements bundle for your summer/autumn graphics. As usually, I focused on versatility of its, so you have pretty much posibilities to combine it each other and make new and new frames or dividers :)

Everything is hand-drawn and in vectors!

Well, let me describe to you, what this pack contains:

  • 16 beautiful frames composed of branches, leaves, needles and other forest stuff
  • 16 dividers
  • 60 forestal elements ready to combine it for amazing new frames and dividers

Everything is in one color, but 60 forestal elements are available in multi-color variant!

I saved it to three .AI files:

  • 1 file containing 16 frames
  • 1 file containing 16 dividers
  • 1 file containing 60 one-color elements and 60 multiple-color ones

I saved it to .EPS files too:

  • 16 .EPS files containing each hand-drawn frame
  • 1 .EPS file containing 16 hand-drawn dividers
  • 1 .EPS file containing 60 one-color and 60 multi-color hand-drawn elements

These frames and dividers have many posibilities for using it. But, if you don´t have idea how to use it, I have a few tips!

  • make beautiful personal greeting cards and make someone happy!
  • combine it with your (hand-drawn) logo and give it new look
  • use it for your business cards with hand-made feeling
  • overlay it on your photos, add some text and create your personal photo album with notes!
  • use borders for your blog and make your posts eye-catching!

I am sure, that you will find other ways how to use it!



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