Liquid and washed textures

by Guerillacraft in Graphics / Textures

  • Compatible Apps:
  • Photoshop


Create dirty and washed off effects with these vector textures and photoshop brushes!

As a part-time t-shirt designer, I like experimenting with drain and grungy effects in my design. Once, I looked at my old dirty t-shirt, that I have worn only for gardening and i got an idea!

Make textures with these old dried liquid marks!

After longer time, i finished my idea and now I am proud to present my „Liquid and Washed“ set, that contains:

  • 12 beautiful hand-made vector textures made of dried liquids on transparent plastic (brushes are without secondary (paper or etc.) texture, so you have perfect original dried liquid texture!)

  • 18 great Photoshop brushes for washed out look (For CS6 and CC owners some brushes are over 4000 px! – so it really detailed!), for CS5 and lower version, I created resized set of these ones, so its size is to 2500 px

(1 .AI file with 12 vector textures, 2 ABR brus sets - one for CS6+, one for CS5-)

Well, with these set you can make very attractive design and achieve new effects. You can use it for t-shirt design or illustration. It´s very useful for adding old touch to your logos or mockups presentations.



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