Retro&Vintage one-click effects

by Guerillacraft in Add-Ons / Layer Styles

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  • Photoshop


I made these cutting edge layer styles for everyone, who wants to do stand out design in one second!

I aimed on versatility of this tool, so it allows you combine styles to get best results. It offers you 40 (F-O-R-T-Y) layer styles!!! Switch your great design to extremely superb one in just one second.

I don´t like work with multiple layers actions styles, so i created these: best for simple orientation, best for fast customization!

What my pack contains:

  • 8 "oh-this-is-so-brilliant!" retro 3D look effects
  • 23 "wow-it-looks-very-vintage" effects in such styles as "bad printed/mis-prints", "grainy", "oldprintscreen", "wood" etc.
  • 9 BONUS "i-stole-my-grandma-her-rubberstamps-from-childhood-in-50s-to-do-it" stamped layer effects!


You can combine it each other! How? It´s so simple: type text/create object, add layer style, convert to smart object, add layer style to smart object, convert smart object to another smart object, apply new layer style... no limits!

Well, it works great, not only 40 brilliant styles, but many many options for new great look, if you are free to make experiments!

Necessary thing for letterers or poster designers!


This product contains 19 very good looking patterns, some of these i used in layer styles, some are waiting for you to use it in your amazing design!

You only have to load it before you are going to use "Retro&Vintage Layer effects". (Actions´name is "Inks_Grains_Guerilla")


It´s fully scalable - simply scale effects for best results in any size!

So, Did you look at my attached pictures? It looks pretty good, isn´t it?



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