• Compatible Apps:
  • Photoshop


Acid Wash is a unique system of making own Acid wash and bleached textures in Adobe Photoshop.

I was inspired of a contemporary fashion /bleached and acid wash fabrics are everywhere. Therefore, I decided to make some textures ready to use in digital. 

My goal was to create such textures, that could be used in various kind of design - backgrounds, web graphics, print graphics, lettering and etc.

So I bought some acid and started experimenting. Many clothes were destroyed until I found right way how to make it. Firstly, I took old t-shirts and drip some acid/bleach on them. It looked great, but if I scanned it to the computer, I was upset.

A texture of T-shirt was so heavy - it was breaking my hardly made acid textures!!! 

Well, I had to start again. I took some paper, inks and acid. And it worked. Best thing, it has still looked great after scanning, so I was again on right path to success.

Here is the video how it was made:


Ok, I had a few textures, but I wanted more. You know, Acid wash textures have quiet complex texture and it is really hard to include into one layer PNG file. I had an idea of “machine”, that allow you make your own textures easily. So, I made PSD file that contains layers as smart objects - it allows you to have control over textures, colours, blending mode etc. 

Look at this video how it works


Well, what is good for? You can make beautiful acid wash textures for your posters, web graphics, illustrations or graphics elements. With more than 140 hand-drawn shapes and forms, you can make beautiful textures object for invitation cards or business cards.

What will you get:

  • 40 high-resolution acid-wash textures (each texture has aproximately 2500 x 3500 px)
  • “Acid Wash Machine” - structured PSD that you can build your own colourful acid wash texture (there is version for portrait and landscape, 2480x3508 or 3508x2480 px, A4 format)
  • With these textures and “Acid Wash Machine” you can make hundreds of new colorful textures
  • More than 140 free hand-drawn vector shapes and forms in EPS files (one object=one file). You can use these great shapes as object for your textures (look at promo images for examples)
  • 4 PS actions for adjusting textures (2 actions are for reducing texture of paper surface, 1 is a special action for creating “SpaceArt” from your Texture and 1 Action is for better handling with textures into PSD File)


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