Scratched & Torn paper textures

by Guerillacraft in Graphics / Textures

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I made this pack for everyone that loves vintage-looking graphics!

Do you love these old posters, that was ripped, scratched, torn, but still hanging on some dirty wall in a town? I do!

So I just made textures that will be great for making such vintage-looking graphics digitally! I manually torn, scratched, punched, folded and destroyed papers - with knives, hands, needles and etc. In Photoshop, I separated this scratches, folds and marks from the background and created precise 32 textures for overlays.

In Adobe Illustrator I converted these for detailed vector textures. Every texture has two versions - in PNG and EPS. format

Furthermore, I made 72 easy-to-use textured brushes for Photoshop CS! They are absolutely great because you have absolute control on texturing your work in Photoshop!

Textures are looking great on illustrations, posters or photos! Now, you can add scratches, folds and marks to your design and make vintage-looking artwork...

What you will find in pack:

  • 32 great looking textures in PNG with transparent background
  • this 32 textures converted to vector in EPS format (you can work with them without loosing image quality)
  • 72 textured brushes consisted of torn marks, folds and scratches
  • 12 pages instructions guide "How to use it" - for beginners or designers that need some little help :)

For what projects you can use these:

  • everything you need make old, retro, vintage
  • summer party posters
  • postcards, invitations, logo design
  • looking nice on photos!
  • I bet, that you will find another great usage

Matej, Guerillacraft



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