Cut Edge Brushes for Illustrator

by Guerillacraft in Add-Ons / Brushes

  • Compatible Apps:
  • Illustrator


Ultimate set of Illustrator brushes for digital woodcut, linocut and other -cut illustration projects!

I have had a strong need to make some new set of brushes. Recently, I was working often with Linocut brushes (one of my favorite) but I was missing some really sharp edge brushes. So, I just made 52 new brushes!

With this pack, you will get 52 brushes for Adobe Illustrator CS3 - CC, that will give the woodcut/linocut feeling into your illustrations.

As well as, they are a great option for line art too!

Purchase it and have another handy tool from Guerillacraft!

Matej, Guerillacraft



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