Scatter&Pattern Photoshop brushes

by Guerillacraft in Add-Ons / Brushes

  • Compatible Apps:
  • Photoshop


Adding textures to your work in Photoshop hasn't ever been so easy! With these brushes you will get total control over texturing your work!

In recent weeks, I have been working on some personal illustration projects, browsing portfolios of illustrator and looking for inspiration. I love blobs, stars, marks and some funny stuff in illustrations, so I decided to make some similar brushes for Photoshop!

You will really appreciate these brushes, if you need have control over texturing your work. Advantage of it is that you have much possibilities to mix different types of brushes to create unique textures. Brushes are really versatile, so you are not limited to experiment with them and mix them together.

Are you looking for something, that give magic to your work? Use zigzags, scatters, hairs, dots, blobs, scurfs and other amazing brushes!

Get these 38 Scatter&Pattern Brushes now and have fun!

In zipped file you will find .ABR file with brushes and instructions how to load it.

Buy it and get funny tools for your next project!

Matej, Guerillacraft



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