Misprinter for Adobe Photoshop

by Guerillacraft in Add-Ons / Layer Styles

  • Compatible Apps:
  • Photoshop


Misprinter is a great tool for Adobe Photoshop that lets you make astonishing screen print graphics instantly!

It contains 19 layer styles / over 80 high-resolution textures / super-smart Photoshop Action and Free Seamless Texture Patterns!

It’s very easy to use and you need only to know basics of Adobe Photoshop. Just cut-out object from a photo, place to the smart object and save.

I developed a new system of PSD smart objects that helps you with color​ layer separation. Every color​ is on a separate layer, so you are able to control its values very quickly. All layers are arranged as a sandwich, so it is similar as in real screen printing. 

With a new smart object system by Guerillacraft you are able to control every detail in graphics non-destructively. Best thing is, that basic layer styles are ready to convert to vector easily (just follow an easy tutorial in attached Owner’s manual!)

With over 80 high-res halftone and grunge paint textures, you will transform your graphics to screen print looking one instantly!

Misprinter for Adobe Photoshop contains:

  • 19 Layer Styles for Adobe Photoshop that helps you create screen prints instantly!
  • Over 80 high-resolution textures in transparent PNG - dimensions of files are 4846 × 6909 in 600 PPI
  • 1 super-smart non-destructive Adobe Photoshop Action that helps you use textures easily!
  • 17 FREE Seamless Texture Patterns - great for backgrounds or details!
  • Cheatsheet containing all 19 Layer Styles to help you find one quickly!
  • Owner’s manual with quick instructions how to use this product**

Cut out from the photos are not included. All photos used in preview images are free to download and used for commercial purpose (or modifications)



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