Scatter texture brushes for AI

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  • Illustrator


Hi folks,

I just made a new collection of brushes for Adobe Illustrator. But, it´s not only another brushes collection. I am pretty sure, that using these, your workflow will be better - but not only better, but BETTER!

You know, working with textures in Illustrator is sometimes very sticky. Your computer is freezing, a graphic card is bleeding and you are completely furious if the program stops working!

But now, you can use these scatter brushes for texturing - it´s really faster, simple to use, and the best thing is, that you can variate it in a second.

You can choose from 48 high-quality texture brushes:

print screen canvas scratches rust and dust *and many more...

What you will find in zipped folder:

one file with name "ScatterTextureBrushesByGuerillacraft" - for AI CS6 and CC one file with name "ScatterTextureBrushesByGuerillacraftCSV" - for AI CS5 - CS3

How to load it:

It´s so simple to load it - just double click on file or go to window - brushes - load brushes from library and choose one of the AI file!

Use these brushes for better workflow, it´s simple to use. Be precise with your work and make beautiful textured shadows. There is many options how to use it!

Matej, Guerillacraft



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