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  • Compatible Apps:
  • Powerpoint
  • Keynote
  • Slides (Google)


You were looking for presentations for Keynote, PowerPoint or Google Slides? This is what you need! It's perfect solution for companies, investment projects, start-ups, innovative solutions and many other fields, which are limited only by your imagination.

This bundle available for Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote and Google Slides.

Benefits for you

⏲️ - Great time saving.

💵 - Save your money.

📈 - Excellent conversion after showing a presentation with your products or services.

💡 - A bright non-ordinary presentation that accurately distinguishes you from competitors.

What’s in the Bundle?:

This bundle includes 50 Presentations:

  • Clarity Keynote Template
  • A4 Clarity Keynote Template
  • Tera Keynote Template
  • A4 Tera Keynote Template
  • Focus Keynote Template
  • Focus A4 Keynote Template
  • Helix Keynote Template
  • IRIS Keynote Template
  • IRIS A4 Keynote Template
  • Desire Keynote Template
  • A4 Desire Keynote Template
  • Athena Keynote Template
  • Assume Keynote Template
  • A4 Assume Keynote Template
  • Oreol Keynote Template
  • ELLA Keynote Template
  • Passion Keynote Template
  • Liberty Keynote Template

  • Clarity PowerPoint Template
  • A4 Clarity PowerPoint Template
  • Tera PowerPoint Template
  • A4 Tera PowerPoint Template
  • Focus PowerPoint Template
  • Focus A4 PowerPoint Template
  • Helix PowerPoint Template
  • IRIS PowerPoint Template
  • IRIS A4 PowerPoint Template
  • Desire PowerPoint Template
  • A4 Desire PowerPoint Template
  • Athena PowerPoint Template
  • Assume PowerPoint Template
  • A4 Assume PowerPoint Template
  • Oreol PowerPoint Template
  • ELLA PowerPoint Template
  • Passion PowerPoint Template
  • Liberty PowerPoint Template

  • Clarity Google Slides Template
  • A4 Clarity Google Slides Template
  • Assume Google Slides Template
  • A4 Assume Google Slides Template
  • Desire Google Slides Template
  • A4 Desire Google Slides Template
  • Focus Google Slides Template
  • A4 Focus Google Slides Template
  • IRIS Google Slides Template
  • A4 IRIS Google Slides Template
  • Tera Google Slides Template
  • A4 Tera Google Slides Template
  • Athena Google Slides Template
  • Oreol Google Slides Template


  • 3800+ Keynote, PowerPoint and Google (Slides) slides total
  • 50 Keynote, PowerPoint and Google Slides Templates
  • Absolutely versatility! Perfect for everyone!
  • Easily modify, edit and resize any of the elements! It's very easy!
  • Image placeholders (Drag and Drop to change image)
  • Compatible with Keynote, PowerPoint and Google Slides
  • Very fast and free support
  • Free updates: Buy today, enjoy the updates for free.

Feedback from our customers

Great template and support! Don't hesitate to buy it! - duosegno

This is beautiful! Wow! I hope to need this in the near future! - Beth Bellar

Kudos to the author for the typography selection, clean layout and non-intrusive color scheme. Definitely money worthy because your focus is now on your content, appearance is out-of-the-box ready and on point. - e1401

Love your design style – it’s tough to pick a favorite! - charlie4282

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