BUNDLE of 21 Email Templates -Triple

by DynamicXX in Templates / Email

  • Compatible Apps:
  • Photoshop
  • Constant Contact
  • Campaign Monitor
  • MailChimp


Live Preview:


Live Previews + Online Template Builder:

Mozza: http://builder.dynamicxx.com/templates/mozza

Mymbu: http://builder.dynamicxx.com/templates/mymbu

Diamonds: http://builder.dynamicxx.com/templates/diamonds

Pixxers: http://builder.dynamicxx.com/templates/pixxers

RealEstate: http://builder.dynamicxx.com/templates/realestate

Gaudy: http://builder.dynamicxx.com/templates/gaudy

Wave: http://builder.dynamicxx.com/templates/wave

Marker: http://builder.dynamicxx.com/templates/marker

Global: http://builder.dynamicxx.com/templates/global

Control: http://builder.dynamicxx.com/templates/control

Trance: http://builder.dynamicxx.com/templates/trance

Story: http://builder.dynamicxx.com/templates/story

Advance: http://builder.dynamicxx.com/templates/advance

F&S: http://builder.dynamicxx.com/templates/fs

Passion: http://builder.dynamicxx.com/templates/passion

Butterfly: http://builder.dynamicxx.com/templates/butterfly

iPromote: http://builder.dynamicxx.com/templates/ipromote

Panthera: http://builder.dynamicxx.com/templates/panthera

Yoga: http://builder.dynamicxx.com/templates/yoga

Launcher: http://builder.dynamicxx.com/templates/launcher

Bulletin: http://builder.dynamicxx.com/templates/bulletin

Version 1.0.1 - Jun 28 2016

New save / login feature. Check download folder called "BUILDER" for details.

Whats included?

  • Link to Online Template Builder
  • 21x HTML files
  • 21x MailChimp Ready files
  • 21x Campaign Monitor files
  • 21x layered PSD files
  • Documentation File

Information about the Templates:

  • Litmus Tested
  • MailChimp Compatible
  • Campaign Monitor Compatible
  • HTML files Works with Constant Contact
  • HTML files Works with iContact
  • HTML files Works with Aweber
  • W3C Passed
  • Responsive Layouts

Compatible Email Clients and Devices:

  • Apple Mail
  • Android 2.3/4
  • AOL (Cromo, Firefox, IE)
  • AOL (Cromo, Firefox, IE, Safari)
  • Outlook.com
  • Yahoo Mail (Cromo, Firefox, IE)
  • Thunderbird
  • Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007/2010/2013
  • Outlook Express
  • Windows Mail
  • Lotus Notes
  • OperaMail
  • iPad
  • iPhone (4/5/6/6+)
  • Live Mail


  • Gmail App for Android is not supported.
  • Outlook does not accept background images.

Email us to: support@dynamicxx.com for any questions

The images we used for the live previews are not included in the download package. Some links to the images we used:

We're available for hire. support@dynamicxx.com