Food Illustrations - Peanut Butter

by Carrie Stephens Art in Graphics / Illustrations

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Peanut Butter is indulgent, and reminiscent of my childhood, It was one of those things my mom was assured I would eat at school! Peanut butter on Toast with a Banana for breakfast, A Peanut butter Jelly sandwich for lunch, Peanut butter cookie and an apple for snacks, Even now I could still eat it just with a spoon, dig it right out of the jar and be a very happy girl!

This collection of hand-drawn vector illustrations have been inspired by my love of peanut butter and all of those delicious foods that go well or contain this sweet, creamy food delight! These graphic designs are a whole lot of FUN to play with and can be used for T-shirts, Posters, Bake Sale Announcements, School newsletters, Food Drives and Church Collection announcements, Kitchen goods, Product labels and so much more!


  • Vectors are each isolated to separate groups within one layer for ease of editing.
  • EPS 10
  • AI C10+
  • Over 100+ Individual PNG files (including both coloured Clipart and LineArt - Approx 8-12 inches .
  • High Resolution - 300 dpi

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My name is Carrie & I love to draw! I create digital illustrations & high quality Clip Art using a combination of Illustrator and Photoshop.