Opti - WordPress Magazine Theme

by Pro Theme Design in Themes / WordPress


Opti is a powerful blogging theme that makes full use of the functionality WordPress offers.

Designed as a pure blogging theme, Opti offers a few magazine style options to make things a little bit more special.

Opti was created as a minimal theme that complements your personal style and brand. It keep things clean so that you can easily change colours, and add images, to make it your own.

Opti is available on wordpress.com and as such has had a full code review by the team there - meaning you can be assured that everything does what it is meant too.

Making full use of WordPress functionality you can set featured images, create custom navigation, and use the theme customiser to edit the colour schemes quickly and easily.

Opti is fully responsive, meaning it looks just as good on mobile devices as it does on the desktop.

It has a series of flexible widget spaces. If you don't want to use them then leave them empty and the space will be filled up with the rest of the site content keeping your website looking it's best at all times.

Opti also makes use of the WordPress custom menus, and post thumbnails (and a few other WordPress default functions) ? meaning you can control everything through the WordPress admin without having to touch a line of code.

The jewel in the crown is the theme customizer support, letting you edit the colours of the site to match your company branding (or personal preference if the site is for you! :)). It only takes 5 minutes to make Opti look unique and to get your new site underway.

Jetpack Support

Opti supports most of the functionality in Jetpack (http://jetpack.me/). Installing Jetpack will give you access to Infinite Scroll, Featured Content (for the homepage slider), responsive videos and site logo functionality.

Documentation - http://prothemedesign.com/documentation/theme/opti/